January 18, 2012

Glove update

I had my first real frustration as a knitter recently. I noticed as I was making the glove it had a dropped stitch 20 or so rows back. Not only that, but it was turning out too large. Cody is not a size large glove despite what he thinks. I had already gotten nearly halfway through my colorwork when I realized I would have to frog it. Needless to say, I was devastated; I lay about feeling glum and lethargic for a few days before perking up and casting on again yesterday. Also, this time I'm taking progress pictures.

Here's my progress so far, I've a few more rounds to go and then I'll be done with the thumb gusset.

Hurray for re-purposing my piercing earrings as stitch markers.

As for the baby hat, it's hibernating. I made the gloves top priority because I'm far more excited about them. I might frog the baby hat entirely since it won't fit the baby it was intended for by the time I do get around to finishing it. The yarn would make cute socks though.


As of today, February first, one glove is knit up and the embroidery on the back of the hand started.
Left glove is mostly done, duplicate stitch takes forever though.

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