November 29, 2011

Aliens and Introductions

My first post, so I suppose I'd better introduce myself before I get started. My name's Nevyn, I'm an avid anime fan and reader, and I took up knitting this summer. My ultimate goal is to knit a ton of anime related items because I'm noticing a serious lack of them on the net so far.

So, I recently finished knitting Meghan Munro's Alien facehugger for my boyfriend, Cody. It was an absolute pain to knit, so if you're thinking of attempting it, here is what I learned.

Short rows are not actually all that hard, but you had better have practiced them before trying this pattern. I jumped right in and my facehugger is a little crooked looking because I messed them up.

When the pattern writer has taken pictures of how to sew the body for the shaping, you had better sew yours in the same areas because if you don't, your already tilted facehugger will look lumpy as well as crooked.

The tail could have just been purled instead of knitting the whole thing and turning it inside out, that would have been considerably easier.

When the pattern is telling you to kfb on the legs, don't turn the work since you've been doing i-cord, do it from the right to the left as if you were icording. My first two legs I turned it back and forth when it said to knit, and they have very weird looking joints. The other legs I went on without turning the work, they look much better.

I'd suggest this knit for the Alien fan in your life, but ultimately I think I'll stick to making cuter things, like owls. I have to knit a flock by Christmas, so I'll do a post about owls when I have a larger flock.