February 2, 2012

Deadlines, they bother me.

I hate deadlines. Passionately. I have a rather long queue at the moment, and all the pieces on it have deadlines. I have to finish the second Locust glove in time for Valentine's day.
This only took 3 weeks because I can't focus for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Then, I'm having my friend Alyssa, who's skilled in several kinds of craft, including glass making, make a pendant of the Locust symbol, which I also want to give Cody for Valentine's day. In payment I'm making her a doll meant to look like the one in this picture.
See the cute little William T. Spears doll on Grell's bag? I'm making that.

Then we have another trade going, I've already mentioned I'm knitting her a Cheshire set in exchange for sewing my cosplay, and that needs done by mid-March, in time for Shuto Con. Then I'll finally be free to knit whatever I want, and while I'm dying to make some socks, (These ones, in fact.) I have to make a Narwhal for my good friend Zaphy, she's awesome and amazing and she bought me the pattern and the yarn. Then, a couple of dishcloths for my Grandma, and freedom will truly be mine.

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